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Prepare! CD Set [6 discs]

Prepare! CD Set [6 discs]

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Note: This is a physical product: a 6 CD set of the audiobook for Prepare! The Handbook for Individual Freedom. The physical book is available here

Forward read by Nick Rekeita and content read by the author. 


Survive and thrive with joyous living!

Christians protect their families by being prepared for uncertain futures, and many books address these basic survival needs. But where is the handbook that teaches the proper mindset? You are holding it. Grounded in Christian faith and individual freedom, this book is the indispensable guide to planning not only to survive, but to thrive. Liberate your mind from lies, enslavement, and inner demons by climbing your individual pyramid of success and happiness.

Part I The Individual

the right to eat dinner and other conservative conundrums

the problem of rights

the maslov hiearchy of needs

visualizing a free life over time

a new vision of the individual     

so what?

Part II The Bottom of the Pyramid

  • observations and lessons from Hurricane Matthew
  • preparing for emergencies with stuff
  • preparing for emergencies with firearms
  • justifying citizen possession of firearms  
  • preparing for emergencies by straightening out your health
  • preparing for emergencies by straightening out your finances
  • preparing for emergencies by building your homestead  

Part III The Top of the Pyramid

  • preparing for emergencies with faith a christian path
  • preparing for emergencies by straightening out your family
  • the moral imperative of spending your time wisely
  • preparing for emergencies by building your community 
  • taking control of education

Part IV The Edge of the Abyss

  • looking into the precipice
  • gaming out future dark possibilities

Part V The Golden Path

the many ways forward

a philosophical framework for individual freedom

a recommended book list

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