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Steve Gosney

eBook: Death Penalty Designs: Maximum Due Process

eBook: Death Penalty Designs: Maximum Due Process

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"Death Penalty Designs: Maximum Due Process" is a primer for Florida capital lawyers. The constitutional problems with Florida's death penalty statute are discussed in depth. For the law nerds out there, this is the advanced analysis you need. 

Understand Florida’s death penalty statute, including a historical and legal context, in a way no other tome can deliver. “Death Penalty Designs: Maximum Due Process” is a book for Florida lawyers and capital practitioners. It is also of interest to a sophisticated audience who wants to better understand the many legal problems with Florida’s death penalty. The book is a must for anyone involved in the law and the death penalty.

This book is not for the faint of heart. If you are interested in death penalty, I would recommend first that you read my novel, "Death Penalty Desired: Passion and Murder" then my public policy book, "Death Penalty Debates: Net Positive or Net Negative," then this book. The content is more in line with the law review articles in Ideas & Answers in Law.

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