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Steve Gosney

eBook: Great Quotes on Law, Faith, and Life.

eBook: Great Quotes on Law, Faith, and Life.

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There are many compendiums of books with quotations, but this one is more personal. I find these quotes to be especially meaningful. There is no order to the quotes. Instead, I tried to organize them into subject areas: law and tyranny, politics, faith, ethics, life and love, reason, economics, conflict, and truth. I then put the quotes in an order in which they meaningfully flow. It is interesting, as I was working on the citations, how spread out over history these quotes arise, and how they hold together coherently. This is a testament to their truth, methinks.
Many of my favorite thinkers are here: Thomas Sowell, Winston Churchill, Jordan Peterson, Edmond Burke, Ayn Rand, Thomas Sowell, Justice Robert H. Jackson, and Richard Weaver to name a few. 
There are important thoughts here. Wisdom written down may aid us when we are in turmoil. This is not fast food. Savor each taste. 

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