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Steve Gosney

eBook: Ideas & Answers in Law book (PDF, .mobi, eBook)

eBook: Ideas & Answers in Law book (PDF, .mobi, eBook)

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The burden of proof in a prescription drug affirmative defense case

Floridas prove yourself innocent absurdity, the unresolved burden of profeef questions in Florida's presciption drug affirmative defence and why it matters.

Concealed carry of a firearm in a vehicle without a permit

In Florida, a concealed weapons permit allows a person to carry a firearm concealed when in a vehicle. But if a person does not have a concealed weapons permit, there is a Constitutional argument that it is still allowed.

BB guns as deadly weapons

BB guns are a strange anomaly in the law. Are they deadly weapons? This chapter provides a framework for analyzing whether a bb gun is a deadly weapon.

Battery by slight touch

Battery is a very common crime. Many States allow a battery crime to be charged when the only act is a slight touch. Sometimes, such as in the case of a battery on a law enforcement officer, this even results in a felony. A deep analysis is required when dealing with these charges.

One witness cases with an under oath contradiction

One witness cases can be very difficult for the defense attorney — especially when there is no corroborating evidence to backup the accusation. The possibility of actual innocence is very high, and the stakes can be life or death for an accused client. This chapter provides a dismissal tool to be used in such cases.

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