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Great Quotes on Law, Faith, and Life (autographed) pre-order

Great Quotes on Law, Faith, and Life (autographed) pre-order

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There are many compendiums of books with quotations, but this one is more personal. I find these quotes to be especially meaningful. There is no order to the quotes. Instead, I tried to organize them into subject areas: law and tyranny, politics, faith, ethics, life and love, reason, economics, conflict, and truth. I then put the quotes in an order in which they meaningfully flow. It is interesting, as I was working on the citations, how spread out over history these quotes arise, and how they hold together coherently. This is a testament to their truth, methinks.
Many of my favorite thinkers are here: Thomas Sowell, Winston Churchill, Jordan Peterson, Edmond Burke, Ayn Rand, Thomas Sowell, Justice Robert H. Jackson, and Richard Weaver to name a few. 
There are important thoughts here. Wisdom written down may aid us when we are in turmoil. This is not fast food. Savor each taste. 

An easy read at 75 pages, the ebook and softcover are available on Amazon and Kindle. Pre-order your autographed first edition softcover book, available now here. 

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