Foreword to Prepare! by Nick Rekieta


What is freedom?  How do we define liberty?  We find answers to these critical questions in law, in philosophy, and in myriad theology, but what use is the ultimate definition of freedom or liberty?  My friend Steve Gosney endeavors to begin addressing this question.

As a lawyer, Christian, political commentator, and lovable degenerate, I've encountered multiple approaches to the critical questions of essential liberty.  Wise men have attempted to codify liberty in text from treatise to sacred constitution.  Yet, these definitions often lack substance and practicality; we’re left with esoteric concepts of liberty and freedom rather than a practical pursuit of those concepts.  Knowledge for knowledge’s sake is nice, but the application of knowledge to one’s self improvement is an actualizing adventure that Steve is eager to kick off in this book.

Steve came to my talk show through our mutual friend Andrew Branca and his deep thinking and admirable optimism defined him immediately as a man of character and import.  He’s a prolific thinker and writer, whose articulate thoughts and vast legal expertise empower him as an advocate and educator.  His value to the layperson and expert alike is immeasurable, but his humble and sunny demeanor keeps him accessible to all.

Steve’s life work is spent in the service of others, but those others are a subset of defendants in criminal trials.  This book expands his life’s service to any and every reader.  The book challenges all of us to a more robust understanding and fervent pursuit of freedom and liberty.  He encourages us to do this by embracing personal responsibility, maximizing our effective influence, and embracing self-actualization at the highest moral and psychological levels.  Individually, we will build a collective of freedom fighters who are eternally vigilant against tyranny, and the unprepared nature of our neighbor.  By insuring and realizing liberty for ourselves, we will define and preserve it for our brothers and sisters.

Enjoy and absorb this book.  Embrace the vision of actualization that Steve lays out for us.  Endeavor to free yourself from your government, your environment, and ultimately your own limitations.

Peace, peace.

Nick Rekieta

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