About Steve

Mr. Steven N. Gosney currently works as an Assistant Public Defender at the Public Defender’s Office, Seventh Judicial Circuit drafting appeals for indigent clients. He is Board Certified by the Florida BAR in criminal trial law. As part of his regular practice, he trains new appellate and trial attorneys, as well as offering strategic and tactical advice to the public defender’s office trial teams. He attained his Bachelor of Arts from Stetson University in 1990 majoring in history. He earned his law degree from Washington and Lee University School of Law in 1999 and his 2017 master’s degree from University of Central Florida specializing in criminal justice.

Prior to his service in the public defender’s office, he worked for six years in private practice as a civil litigator and six years in the Office of the State Attorney John Tanner as an Assistant State Attorney.

Prior to law school, Mr. Gosney worked in non-profit association management, including three and a half years as CEO of the Volusia Home Builder’s Association.

After many years as a contributor to the Marc Bernier Show on WNDB, Mr. Gosney now regularly appears his Rumble channel, Crimelaw with Steven N. Gosney, and his YouTube channel.

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